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Psyllium 300g

Psyllium Husk 100% Original Indian psyllium, Nutritional supplement

A well-balanced diet with the right amount of fibre stimulates proper elimination of undigested residues from our body. It is especially important for the digestive tract to function efficiently so our body can absorb all the necessary nutrients from the food. The right amount of fibre in our diet is now considered very important for proper digestion and our overall health. Most people, however, receive only 10 to 15 grams of fibre per day, but the recommended value is 25 grams at minimum. The fibre helps to improve the penetration of non-traditional residuals in the digestive tract.


Psyllium absorbs water more than twenty times in relation to its weight. As a result, after mixing with water, a soft gel is formed, which in its absorption capacity continues in the digestive tract. This helps to remove toxic substances from our body and prevents them from staying in our body for too long.


Psyllium is an ideal source of fibre for people who have difficulty with tolerance of cereal fibre. Psyllium may have a beneficial effect on sensitive intestines, where the cereal fibre may be to aggressive. Psyllium is a natural and safe fibre used by millions of people around the world. It is not absorbed by our bodies and is not addictive. It is therefore suitable for long-term use.

Packaging: 300g/14pcs/1carton