Question: Hello, I have problems with digestion - constantly inflating, feeling full, bad digestion. So I found your website and I am interested in Psyllium or Bificol. However, I do not know what the difference is. Please explain, if necessary, offer other products to improve digestion.Thank you.

Answer: The main difference between Psyllium and Bificol is that Psyllium is the fiber itself and Bificol is additionally enriched with bifido cultures that additionally help create a better intestinal environment (its cost is therefore higher).

Question: How to consume psyllium when its specific taste is not suitable for me?

Answer: One way to overcome the specific taste of a mixture of psyllium and water is by taking an adequate amount of dry psyllium, putting it in your mouth and drinking water after. This way, the mixture of water and psyllium is only formed in the intestinal tract. Another method is to consume psyllium as an additive to a yoghurt.

Question: Does soy milk contain milk protein (caseinate)?

Answer: Soy milk is produced only from vegetable raw materials. Milk protein (caseinate) is currently present only in 350g of soy coffee delicacy.

Question: Are all your products made from non-genetically modified raw materials?

Answer: Yes all products and soy drinks of ASP s.r.o. are produced from non-genetically modified raw materials and are regularly inspected for GMOs at the SVPS accredited laboratory in Dolny Kubin.

Question: Where can we buy your products?

Answer: ASP products s.r.o. can be purchased in supermarkets such as: Coop Jednota, Tesco, Kaufland, Metro and all good pharmacies and healthy food stores.