SP Nature Psyllum Linia 1475

Psyllium LINIA

Nutritional supplement

PSYLLIUM LINIA is made from natural ingredients such as psyllium, inulin, green coffee, soy lecithin, glucomannan and Ceylon cinnamon extract. It is an ideal helper to ensure proper functioning of our digestive system. It also helps with maintaining regular cholesterol levels in the blood and reducing body weight in a diet with a reduced caloric value.

Psyllium plant is very rich in fibre and absorbs more than 30 times its own weight in water.

Inuline (prebiotic) - natural soluble chicory fibre. Inulin improves the function of the intestines.

Green coffee - a special natural product of Robusta coffee

Soy lecithin - in powder form, a natural product of genetically unmodified soy, contributes to the correct transformation of lipids (fats), helps with maintaining normal liver function

Glucomanan (Konjac manan) - a natural product, helps with maintaining normal blood cholesterol levels and reduce body weight.

Cinnamonum (cinnamon extract) is added for a better taste.

Packaging: 150g/14pcs/1carton

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