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Psyllium DIA

Psyllium DIA enriched dietary fibre suitable for diabetics

PSYLLIUM DIA is made from natural ingredients such as psyllium, natural Portusana, trivalent chromium, cinnamon extract. It is an ideal helper to ensure proper functioning of our digestive system.

Trivalent chromium, in addition to contributing to the correct metabolism of macronutrients, helps with maintaining normal glucose levels in the blood

Beta glucan maintains normal blood cholesterol levels and gluose levels in the blood

Portusana (Portulaca oleracea) - vegetable extract

Psyllium plant and is very rich in fibre and absorbs more than 30 times its own weight in water.

Ceylon cinnamon (Cinnamomum) is added for a better taste.

Packaging: 150g/14pcs/1carton

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