SP Nature Multidrink 1567

MULTI DRINK with bioactive collagen, lutein with zeaxanthin, fibre and vitamins

Dietary supplement

Multi drink a multifunctional drink of a new generation, where input substances synergize and result in a joint of nutrition and carnage care. Multi drink consists of substances that have a proven effect on our organism. It is advisable to use it for aging, overweight and lack of exercise, sports activity, and even intense exercise.

Collagen - a bioactive collagen peptide - is a specially modified collagen cleaved into peptides (amino acids) that enter directly into the blood. This is a fundamental difference from the normal collagens which the digestive tract must first process, because collagen is pure protein. Cartilage consists of 70% collagen and 25% proteoglycans.

Lutein - zeaxanthin - is a natural component of the eye, the basic structural element of the macular pigment. To help maintain eye health, these basic elements must be added for good vision.

Fibre - is necessary for the proper functioning of the entire digestive tract. Ordinary food doesn’t offer enough dietary fibre and therefore needs to be supplemented. The recommended daily intake is 30 g and in diabetics 40 g. The mixture contained in the Multi Drink consists of a corn (egg, psyllium) and a soluble part (inulin - chicory extract). It is composed in the recommended ratio - 2/3 insoluble and 1/3 soluble fibre.

Vitamins - complex of vitamins A, C and E forms a strong antioxidant component, Vitamin C promotes collagen production, Vitamin A helps maintain good vision, and Vitamin E strengthens the immune system by protecting cells from oxidative stress.

Packaging: 280g/14pcs/1carton